Flatland Shows

A flatland show is the most inexpensive and requires less space than a ramp show. Most flatland shows can be done in a gymnasium or lunchroom, and of course anywhere outside. A flatland show takes about 20 minutes.

What’s a Flatland Show?

Flatland riding is just the bike and the rider. It’s been described as “Breakdancing on a Bike” because the rider spins, wheelies and flips the bicycle through a serious of technical maneuvers without the rider ever touching the ground. Flatland riding displays an amazing amount of balance that can only be achieved through practice and dedication. This delivers a motivating and positive message to your target audience.

How much space will I need?

These tpes of shows require a smooth, flat, dry surface. (Concrete, tile, basketball courts, parking lots) We like to operate in at least a 60 by 60 foot area. we also need access to an electric outlet within 200 ft to plug in our PA and music system. Contact us for more information.