Air Shows

An air show is a full on professional bicycle stunt show. t includes ramp and flatland tricks. These shows are definitely a crowd pleaser and takes roughly 20 minutes.

What’s an Air Show?

An air show is an exciting visual experience. Our athletes jump a ramp called a “BMX Box Jump”. This requires them to launch a take-off ramp and travel through the air, perform an aerial stunt and set down safey on the landing ramp. The athlete’s jump, spin and flip for to an amazing finale.  A ramp show also includes flatland riding as described above. Our announcer and our riders will send a positive message that you can customize for your event. An air show will keep everyone taking until you have us back.

How much space will I need for the Air Show?

Air shows require roughly 150 by 30 feet wide. that gives us about a 120 foot runway with about 10 feet to stop. these shows require a smooth, flat, dry surface. (Concrete, asphalt, basketball courts, parking lots) We also need access to an electrical outlet within 200 ft to plug in our PA and music system.